DOSCH Textures: Outdoor

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100 textures for outdoor scenes


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Dosch Textures: Outdoor is an ideal solution for designers and developers looking for high-quality outdoor textures. The collection includes 100 versatile and seamless textures, which depict a wide range of outdoor ground styles like grass, dirt/soil, forest floor, drought condition, sand, gravel, and pebble stone.


These high-resolution Dosch textures (2048 x 2048 pixel) can be used for animations, architectural visualization, and for all kinds of computer graphics or print applications (e.g. catalog, magazine).


The multi-layer textures (provided are color- and bump-map for each texture) which can be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications, are all provided in the JPEG-format with the highest quality-settings.


Please use the "PDF-Overview"-link above for a complete list of all textures contained in the product.


All textures are license-free and can therefore be used without any additional cost in all* commercial productions.
(* view License Agreement)




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This product is only available as a download.


Sand, gravel, stones, pebbles, drought, lawn, outdoors, forest, soil, dry, clay, background, grass, hay, dryness, organic, agriculture, sandy, foliage, greenery, dried, leaves, decomposed, rubble, debris, detrital, bark, mulch, wooden, coniferous, needle, wood, chips, leaves, grainy, cracked, eroded, erosion, seamles, barren, abstrait, argile, aride, chaud, craquer, désert, détail, environnement, fond, granuleux, grunge, nature, peint, souiller, surface, symétrie, sécheresse, terrains, texturé, térre, écologie, érosion, ecologia, legna, sfondo, struttura, albero, substrato, campo, secco, desertico, aridità, riscaldare, ambiente, desierto, quemadura, suelo, abeto, bosques, superficie, áspero, árbol, naturaleza, fondo, agonizante, caer, follaje, rustico, pradera, gravier, graminéetextures, material, 2D, surfaces, pattern, seamless, tileable, material, matériel, superficie, parangon, Couture, struttura, tessuto, disegno, senza cucitura, seamless, tileable, realistic, visual, textures, effects, materials, surfaces, background, image, editing, change, couture, tuiles, réalistes, visuelles, effets, matériaux, arrière-plan, modifier, soluzione, continuità, piastrellabile, realistico, visivo, strutture, effetti, materiali, superfici, sfondo, modifica, immagini, cambiamento, fisuras, tileable, realista, estructuras, efectos, materiales, superficies, fondo, edición, imágenes, cambio, sömlös, kakel, realistisk, strukturer, effekter, ytor, bakgrund, bildredigering, förändring, naadloos, betegelbaar, realistisch, visueel, structuren, effecten, materialen, oppervlakken, achtergrond, afbeelding bewerken, veranderen


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