DOSCH Textures: Scratches - Dust - Damaging

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228 textures of signs of aging and wear.


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Dosch Textures: Scratches - Dust - Damaging is a comprehensive collection of 228 high-resolution textures, specifically designed to simulate the wear and tear, damage, and grime that occurs over time. These textures are perfect for adding authenticity to any 3D modeling or rendering project, making it look more realistic and believable. The seamless tileable design of these textures ensures that they can be used on any surface without any visible seams or repetition. The collection includes a variety of textures, from subtle scratches and dust to more severe damage and heavy grime, making it an excellent resource for graphic designers, architects, and artists looking to add a touch of realism to their projects.

Combine these textures with your surfaces - to complement the realistic and credible signs of aging and wear.


The multi-layer textures are provided in a resolution of 2,048 x 2,048 pixels in the JPEG-format (with highest quality settings). Please use the PDF overview (see above) for a detailed content listing.

The different layers for diffuse, bump, specularity, transparency/alpha can be combined as desired. 


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This product is only available as a download.


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