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Individual 3D Solutions - Virtual Product Presentations

The photo-realistic representation of virtual products is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage.
Whether for the website, catalogs, flyers, eCommerce: high-quality presentations bring higher sales.

We at DOSCH DESIGN support you by creating absolutely realistic product visualizations and 3D models from your CAD data, sketches or drafts, without you having to make expensive prototypes beforehand.

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  • Virtual, photorealistic products

  • Virtual photo shoots

  • CGI / AR / VR versions of your products

  • no studio rentals / studio buildings

  • Representation in any photo-realistic environment

  • Representation of many product variants / colors / materials

  • cost-effective competitive advantage through faster market presence

  • Directly for Amazon, Home24, ebay and many more.

  • In all variants for your online shop: as a 3D model or renderings from several perspectives.

  • Life-style renderings with your product in an attractive virtual environment - absolutely photo-realistic.

  • Any number of material and type variants.

  • Directly as 3D models: * .glTF, * .FBX, * .DAE (Collada) - and all other 3D formats: 3DS, 3dsmax, C4D, Modo, DXF, DWG, Universal 3D.

  • Also directly for Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

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    Individual 3D Solutions - 3D-Model Creation

    Do you require a customised 3D model, tailored to your specific intended use in terms of its level of detail and function? Here, we offer you our extensive experience and create your desired model to visualise your products, vehicles, buildings or company processes. The image at the earliest stage of development helps when making decisions and saves a great deal of development time as well as costs.

    • 3D - prototypes
    • 3D - concepts
    • 3D - replicas
    • individual 3D persons
    • 3D - environments
    • 3D - design studies
    • 3D - models for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
    • 3D - models for product configurators
    • 3D - models for interactive applications
    • 3D - models for 3D printing


    Individual 3D Solutions - 3D-Scenes and Environments

    Individual 3D-scenes and 3D-environments for your visualizations.

    We produce complete 3D-scenes for you with products, vehicles or buildings and create visualisations that trigger emotions and get to the heart of your expectations.

    • Virtual photo studios
    • Vehicle environments
    • Virtual exhibition stands
    • Buildings (interior and exterior)
    • Environments for product configurators
    • Test environments
    • 3D scenes with your products
    • 3D illustrations
    • Renderings for product configuration tools
    • Augmented Reality
    • Virtual Reality


    Individual 3D Solutions - Data Reduction

    In the past, when using CAD to produce construction results, the focus lay exclusively on the technical drawing. Today, the visualisation of the CAD model is playing an ever greater role as it is required for processing in sales, marketing and corporate communication. However, CAD data is often unsuitable for visualisations and real-time applications due to its complexity and structure.

    We prepare your supplied CAD data optimally and perform the necessary data reduction for you so that it can be used in your workflow simply and easily.


    Individual 3D Solutions - 33D-Model conversion

    Do you have CAD or 3D data, but not in your desired format? No problem. We convert your data into any format you require. Quickly and easily.


    Individual 3D Solutions - Textures and Materials

    We create true-to-life textures from your product range, such as floor coverings, wall materials, surfaces of all kinds, construction materials, fabric designs, furniture surfaces and wood structures.

    And of course we also offer physically correct materials (PBR) for Substance, Unreal and many other renderers.

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    • Materials
    • Textures
    • Surfaces
    • Digital material samples
    • Backgrounds
    • Extremely high-resolution materials for facades
    • Digital material definitions
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