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The development and promotion of the digital industry is important to us and we want to fly the flag. This is why DOSCH DESIGN supports a variety of projects that are close to our hearts in different ways. As a one-off or over the longer term. Financially, organisationally, through donations in kind, our expertise or presence.


• Animago Award & Conference
• Animation Meeting, München
• Autodesk Bar Camp
• Autodesk Education Experts
• BDS Main-Spessart
• Beyond Tellerrand – FFK
• Bildungszentrum Handwerkskammer Dortmund
• CG Architect Award
• CGIC International CGI Congress
• CG Trader Competition
• End User Event Eindhoven, Niederlande
• Fachhochschule Vorarlberg
• Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg
• Flimmermenschen / Flimmertalk
• FMX Stuttgart
• Hamburg Animation Award
• Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt
• Hochschule Fresenius
• IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt
• KeyShot World
• Luxion
• Medien Campus Bayern
• Medienboard Berlin
• Medienboard Brandenburg
• Meduc Award
• Rebus Farm Open 3D Award
• Rotary International
• SAE Institute
• Siggraph USA / Canada
• Tafel Marktheidenfeld e.V.
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