DOSCH Textures: US-Architecture

Product-Code: DT-USAR

234 high-res textures for homes & store architecture in the USA.


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Dosch Textures: US-Architecture includes material textures primarily used in construction and exterior & interior styling of residential homes and smaller office buildings in the United States.



Included are 234 high-res textures of brick, natural stone and concrete surfaces, wood & vinyl siding, asphalt & clay roof shingles, floor and wall tiles, carpets, kitchen and bath counter tops (marble, laminate) and more ...



The high resolution textures are provided as JPEG-files (with maximum quality), have a resolution of 2048x2048 pixel. Additional, each texture comes with the appropriate bump-map.
And like the other Dosch Textures products, all textures are seamlessly tileable.



Use this collection to create outstanding architectural visualizations. All textures are useable royalty-free - so you do not have to pay any additional royalties when used in commercial projects and visualizations which are presented to a broad audience.



Whether you use these texture pictures for simple 2D, or apply them to 3D-models for advanced visualizations, DT: US-Architecture will help your project to look its best !


The multi-layer textures can readily be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications:
3ds max, Maya, Lightwave3D, Cinema4D, Softimage, solid Thinking, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Studio Tools, FormZ and more.




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