DOSCH Textures: Planet Surfaces

Product-Code: DT-PLASURF

20 very high resolution textures of planet surfaces


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Dosch Textures: Planet Surfaces is an exciting texture collection that includes 20 high-quality textures of various planet surfaces. These textures are perfect for 3D-models of planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies. With these textures, you can create stunning visualizations of the solar system, space, and other sci-fi scenarios. The textures are designed to be compatible with a variety of 3D software and can be applied to a wide range of models. Whether you're a professional graphic designer, an artist, or a hobbyist, these textures will give you the tools you need to create spectacular space-themed designs.


The multi-layer textures (provided are color- (diffuse), bump-, -normal-map plus one rendered version) which can be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications, are all provided in the JPEG-format with the highest quality-settings.


The textures have a resolution of 12.288 x 12.288 pixels.

Please use the "PDF-Overview"-link above for a complete list of all textures contained in the product.


General view texture "Planet01"


Detail in original size "Planet01"



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