DOSCH 3D: Lo-Poly Cars V2

Product-Code: D3D-LOPOCAV2

45 3D-models with a low number of polygons.


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45 completely textured 3D-models of highly realistic cars with a low number of polygons. Per 3D model: approx. 30,000 polygons.

The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 9 and above), 3dsmax V9 & VRay, 3dsmax V9 & Mental Ray, Lightwave (version 6 and above), FBX, Universal 3D, OBJ, KeyShot, Modo, VRML, Collada, Maya, SketchUp, SoftimageXSI, Cinema 4D version 13 and above, DWG and DXF.

Since Dosch Design does not (cannot) know how the buyer will use/change the 3D models/objects of trademarked products, we advise the buyer/user of the models/objects to contact the car manufacturer prior (!) to the publication of the new 3D-designs, and verify that the -intended- final design product is in compliance with the legal use of the protected image/trademark.


3DS (46,65 MB)

3ds max (version 9 and above) (100,47 MB)

3dsmax V9 +MentalRay (100,71 MB)

3dsmax V9 +VRay (100,51 MB)

Artlantis (125,44 MB)

Artlantis 6 (.atlo) (67,70 MB)

C4D Version V13 and above (77,94 MB)

DWG (67,21 MB)

DXF (50,63 MB)

KeyShot (101,18 MB)

Lightwave 6.5 and above (41,01 MB)

Maya (version 8 and above) (125,12 MB)

Modo (LXO) (41,30 MB)

OBJ (56,63 MB)

SketchUp (397,55 MB)

Softimage XSI (65,10 MB)

Universal 3D (83,10 MB)

VRML (61,32 MB)


Audi, TT, Suzuki, Vitara, Kia, Sorento, Hyundai, Grand, Santa, Fe, Peugeot, 108, S3, Sedan, Citroen, C3, Lexus, NX, 300h, Mercedes, Benz, S, Klasse, C, Coupe, Opel, Combo, Mazda, CX-3, Sonata, Lexus, CT, 200h, Renault, Kadjar, Megane, Captur, Honda, Ridgeline, SQ7, A4, Allroad, Skoda, Superb, Estate, Chrysler, Pacifica, Volvo, XC90, Pilot, GLC, Citroen, C4 Cactus, GT, Nissan, Murano, Mitsubishi, Outlander, Sport, Q2, Kodiaq, Ioniq, Seat, Ateca, Q5, AMG C63, Peugeot, 5008, Accord, V90, S5, Toyota, Prius, Prime, Maserati, Levante, Infiniti, Q60, Chevrolet, Equinox, Porsche, Panamera, G1, 970, Allroader, X 253, 108, S3 Sedan, Peugeot, 108, S, Renault, Kadjar, Megane, Captur, Ridgeline, SQ7, A4 Allroad, Skoda, Superb, Estate, Chrysler, Pacifica, XC90, Pilot, GLC, Citroen C4 Cactus, GT, Nissan, Murano, Mitsubishi, Outlander, Sport, Beijing- ??????? ???????, oorkruis sportnutsvoertuig, Hien-thoi Santa Fe, ???????????, ????, ???? ????? ?????, G?-s?k-gi?ng, City car, urban, mikrobil, petite citadine, segmento A, Gradski automobil, superutilitaria, A?????, miniklasse, minicarro, ????????? ??????????, stadsbil, miniautomobil, Mini S?n?f, ???, ??????? ??????????, ????? ?????? ?????? ???????, Sportnutsvoertuig, Vehículo deportivo utilitario, VUD, Terenac, ?????????????????, Terrenglimousin, asfalttraktor, Veículo utilitário esportivo, Samochód sportowo-u?ytkowy, Stadsjeep, Xe th? thao ?a d?ng, ????? ??????, ?????????? ?????????? ??????????, ?????? ??????, Sportsvogn, sports, voiture, Automóvil deportivo, vettura Sport, ??????, sportsbil, Samochód sportowy, Športový automobil, Spor otomobil, araba, ?????????? ??????????, ????? ??? ????, ??, todoterreno, Fuoristrada, Terrengkøyretøy, terenowy, ???????????, Terénne vozidlo, Terrängfordon, ???, ????????????, ??????, hot hatch, ????, ????? ?????, Superminimotor, Küçük s?n?f otomobil, ?????? ??? ????? ??, ?????????, ?????????, ??????????S???, ????-??S?, Stor mellemklassebil, mid-size, segmento D, familiale routière, Vettura, D?????, middenklasse, mellomklassebil, ????? ????, ???? ?????, ??????? ???????? ??????????, stationcar, ???????, ????CX-3, ???? ?? ??, ???CX-3, hybrid electric, HEV, ?????? ???? ??????, Vehículo híbrido eléctrico, automobile hybride électrique, Hybrydowy pojazd elektryczny, Automóvel híbrido-elétrico, kompakte gesinsmotor, small Family, automóvil del segmento C, utility truck, picape porte grande, large wagon, estate class, mid-size crossover, luxury, luxe, japanese, german, swedish, tree-row seating, off-road use, todoterreno, F, japonés, samochód sportowo-u¿ytkowy, japoñski, five-door hatchback bodystyle, berline compacte, gesinsmotor vervaardig deur, C-segmentmotor, mini, Airbump Panels, Piccoli, grandi3D, model, modell, objekt, objekt, buy, download, directly, symbol, formate, software, asset, mesh, object, objet, models, scene,
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