DOSCH 3D: Lo-Poly People Vol. 1

Product-Code: D3D-LPP-VOL1

100 Lo-poly 3D-models of photo-real people.


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The product DOSCH 3D: Lo-Poly People Vol. 1 contains 100 fully textured lo-poly 3D-models (10,000 polygons per 3D-model) of photo-real people in various poses.



The product DOSCH 3D: Lo-Poly People Vol. 1 offers an excellent selection of 100 photorealistic 3D models of people presented in different poses. Each model consists of only 10,000 polygons, which enables resource-efficient use.

Main features

  • Few polygons: Each 3D model consists of only 10,000 polygons, which minimizes memory consumption and reduces computing time.
  • Ideal for large 3D scenes: Thanks to the low number of polygons, numerous models can be used simultaneously in complex scenes without affecting performance.
  • Diversity and variation: The product contains an extensive selection of people in different variants, which allows a wide variety of scenarios to be designed.
  • Ready to use: All 3D models are fully textured and can therefore be integrated directly into 3D scenes without additional editing.
  • Architectural visualization: Perfect for enriching architectural visualizations and breathing life into them by incorporating realistic people.


  • Efficient use of memory and computing time: The small number of polygons ensures that only a small amount of storage space and computing power is required.
  • Example use: Ideal for bringing large-scale 3D scenes to life in the areas of architecture, urban planning, public spaces and much more.
  • Realistic representation: The photorealistic design of the models achieves a high level of quality that supports sophisticated visualizations.

With DOSCH 3D: Lo-Poly People Vol. 1 you can enhance your 3D projects and give them a high degree of reality by incorporating varied, photorealistic people. The models are ready to use straight away and help you create a lively and dynamic environment.

The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 9 and above), 3dsmax V9 & VRay, Artlantis (.aof and .atl), Artlantis ATLO, Lightwave (version 6 and above), FBX, SketchUp, Modo, OBJ, Maya, KeyShot, SoftimageXSI, Cinema 4D version 13 and above, Cinema 4D version 15 and above, DWG (no textures) and DXF (no textures).



3DS (109,62 MB)

3ds max (version 9 and above) (130,94 MB)

3dsmax V9 +VRay (131,26 MB)

Artlantis (134,52 MB)

Artlantis 6 (.atlo) (81,44 MB)

C4D Version R13 - R19 (191,78 MB)

C4D Version R15 - R24 (204,44 MB)

Collada DAE (117,10 MB)

DWG (34,27 MB)

DXF (29,21 MB)

FBX (130,57 MB)

KeyShot (97,47 MB)

Lightwave 6.5 and above (121,58 MB)

Maya (version 8 and above) (295,75 MB)

Modo (LXO) (122,08 MB)

OBJ (116,45 MB)

SketchUp (261,50 MB)

Softimage XSI (125,42 MB)

Universal 3D (128,41 MB)

VRML (92,25 MB)

This product is only available as a download.


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