Looking for the perfect background? HDRIs- High dynamic range images - from DOSCH DESIGN offer designers and photographers unlimited design possibilities

Photographers often struggle with difficult and unexpected (light) situations. It often takes a huge amount of work and incurs high costs to achieve the desired motif satisfactorily and in the best quality. Likewise, advertising budgets for elaborate photo shoots in exotic places are not always available. However, technical developments in image processing can easily compensate for these disadvantages.




Photographers today use HDRIs, whose technical possibilities do away with previous issues of over- or underexposure, and are capable of recording an image in complete detail and richness in a single take. They offer uniform illumination and higher contrast and also allow the photographer full artistic freedom. After all, it is only the subsequent processing of the motif, such as the application of material, colour and surface textures, the correct lighting and the placing of shadows, that perfect the work. What is so easy to listen to is undoubtedly the work of a professional with a lot of experience, instinct and artistic skill. After all, it is the user who breathes life into the object and makes their mark.


DOSCH DESIGN is the ideal source for appealing HDRIS, which are characterised by realistic 3D design with impressive shadows and reflections and are perfect for creating moody scenes. The range includes a large number of HDRIS of landscapes, cities or nature photographs, as well as interior spaces, industrial halls and photo studios. 


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