DOSCH HDRI: Tokyo Backplates

Product-Code: DH-TOKBPL

15 backplate sets, including the respective HDRIs.


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Dosch HDRI: Tokyo Backplates iconsists of 15 backplate sets with the corresponding HDRIs.



The backplates are provided in a resolution of 7216 x 5412 pixel - and the highest resolution of the Spherical Map HDRIs is 13000 x 6500 pixel.

High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) are a perfect solution for the realistic lighting and environmental imaging of 3D scenes.

HDRIs are 360-degree panoramas for all kinds of renderings in the areas of product visualization, CGI, real-time rendering, which are illuminated with the help of IBL (Image Base Lighting).
Outstanding reflections, impressive lighting moods and real-looking environments are the result.

And each HDR image is provided in the industry standard .HDR. So they are useable in most rendering applications.



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This product is only available as a download.


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