DOSCH HDRI: USA Road Backplates

Product-Code: DH-ROABPL

15 backplate sets, including the respective HDRIs.


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Dosch HDRI: USA Road Backplates is a valuable resource for creating realistic scenes and images for various projects. With 15 different backplate sets available, users can choose from a variety of sceneries to best fit their needs. The combination of background images and HDRIs allows for perfect results when placing 3D models of products onto the backplate. The included HDRI for reflections and illumination provides an added level of realism, ensuring that the object appears as if it truly belongs in the scene. Overall, this product provides a highly effective solution for those looking to create lifelike imagery.



The backplates are provided in a resolution of 7216 x 5412 pixel - and the highest resolution of the Spherical Map HDRIs is 13000 x 6500 pixel.


High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) are a perfect solution for the realistic lighting and environmental imaging of 3D scenes.

HDRIs are 360-degree panoramas for all kinds of renderings in the areas of product visualization, CGI, real-time rendering, which are illuminated with the help of IBL (Image Base Lighting).
Outstanding reflections, impressive lighting moods and real-looking environments are the result.

And each HDR image is provided in the industry standard .HDR. So they are useable in most rendering applications.


Please check out the PDF Overview for a complete list of all included backplates and HDRIs.


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This product is only available as a download.


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