3D for virtual trade shows and events

Convince your customers with virtual trade fairs and exhibitions

Countless events, trade fairs and exhibitions could not take place in the current crisis. That is why many companies take advantage of the virtual trade fair. In order to make this event an equal experience, a convincing presentation is particularly important. The first impression is decisive for the virtual walk and the length of time customers and interested parties stay at the exhibition stand. In addition, a virtual trade fair or event also brings some advantages. No travel times and costs, no walking distances that need to be bridged between the stands. These are the main arguments in favor of a virtual visit to a trade fair, for which you would often not invest any time or money offline.

If a convincing, surprising and exciting design of the exhibition stand is added, it is possible to win the visitor over to the products or services digitally. DOSCH DESIGN has developed a range of products with the help of which designers have the opportunity to develop virtual exhibition stands or exhibitions and to present the products and services perfectly in photorealistic quality.

In addition to the product DOSCH 3D: Trade Show & Exhibitions V2, DOSCH 3D or DOSCH 3D: Film & Stage, the company also offers a large selection of 2D and 3D people, plants and furniture or classic exhibition equipment such as presentation equipment, brochure stands, flipcharts or Office supplies. The selection is extensive and leaves nothing to be desired. This is how an exciting event can also be presented digitally.







DOSCH DESIGN products for virtual an d real trade shows:


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