Medical visualization plays a crucial role in the field of medicine and research. It involves transforming complex medical data and images into easily understandable visual representations. Medical visualization helps healthcare professionals to better understand and diagnose diseases, plan surgical procedures, and develop new medical treatments. It also plays a vital role in medical research, allowing researchers to analyze and interpret large amounts of data, and to identify patterns and trends that may lead to new discoveries. Medical visualization provides an indispensable tool for advancing medicine and improving patient outcomes.


Rapid progress in recent image processing techniques plus growing computing power continues to open up new application scenarios. Especially in research and development, visualisation brings enormous benefits – benefits medical technology has enjoyed for some time now. The spatial representation of complex anatomical structures has developed into a key technology for many areas of medicine: it now plays an essential role in operation planning, image-aided surgery, patient consultancy and diagnosis support. Medical technology also exploits visualisation for instruction and training work. Increasingly realistic simulations mean that fundamental surgical techniques can now be acquired even outside the operating theatre.


DOSCH DESIGN is a pioneer in the field of computer visualization and and has been developing accurate, detailed 3D models for medical use for many years now. They offer the medical community an extensive range of 3D-products, from many anatomical details to basic medical devises and equipment.


Many physicians and users from the field of medicine use the 3D models from DOSCH DESIGN since they can be sure that the representations are perfectly true-to-life. They are using the benefits of imagery for improved training and education, for promotions and marketing of new medications, active ingredients and processes, or for depictions of scientific results through animation or simulation.

Other uses are editorial content or articles in periodicals (newspapers, magazines), TV (medical or science reports) or online websites, packaging design for medicine or 3-dimensional presentation of medical devices. Lastly, the depiction of new medications’ curing impact on the body stands to gain a lot from the vast capabilities of 3D-visualization. All DOSCH DESIGN 3D-products are periodically updated and amended in order to keep up with the ever-evolving medical knowledge.

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