Generic Cars - Concept Cars

The advantages of concept / generic cars

For many industries, e. g. automotive suppliers, brand neutrality is an important factor in visual communication. Due to the majority of their customers, they do not limit themselves to one automobile manufacturer, but present their products with the help of generic cars. In addition, trademark data may often not be used at all for copyright reasons.

Here DOSCH DESIGN offers an extensive range of products: Detailed 3D vehicle models, generic cars, HDRI backgrounds or backplates. The concept cars are based on typical models from reality and are available in various types such as SUV, sedan, coupé, pick-up, estate or compact car and many more.

The presentation of accident situations or simulations with damaged vehicles is also a very sensitive area that can be presented convincingly and neutrally with concept cars.

In addition to the brand-neutral vehicles from our online shop, DOSCH DESIGN can also create individual designs directly. Here we give the virtual vehicle fleet of your company its own unmistakable face, tailored to your individual needs.











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