DOSCH 3D: Craftsmen Tools

Product-Code: D3D-CRATO

100 3D-models of typical craftmen tools.


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100 textured 3D-models of tools. Whether your challenge is visualization of a professional work-shop setting, or a DIY-promotion, a fabrication manual or a "How-To"-guide ... These authentic 3D-models will help communicating what to use, and how.


Use these royalty-free objects for illustrations, animations and visualization.


The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: FBX, 3DS, 3dsmax (version 8 and above) Lightwave (version 7 and above), OBJ, Maya (version 4 and above), VRML and Cinema 4D (version 8 and above).


All 3D models can be adjusted as desired and adapted as needed:

  • Scaling: this can be adapted to your needs
  • Materials and textures can be freely adapted and changed
  • All colors can be changed as desired- own textures / labels can be applied
  • individual elements can be switched on or off
  • Individual elements can be changed in transparency - from completely visible to invisible
  • Animation: all elements can be animated individually, or the 3D model as a whole
  • The 3D models can be edited / edited as desired. They also serve perfectly as a starting point for very own 3D model creations.
  • The lighting of the 3D scenes can be chosen freely by you





The following formats are not included in the shipping version (DVD) of the product: DWG, DXF, IGES, IV Iris Inventor, Open Flight, ProE SLP, Rhino 3DM, Universal 3D, Photoshop 3D, FBX, C4D Version R15 - R24


3DS (59,70 MB)

3ds max (version 8 and above) (73,85 MB)

C4D Version V8.5 and above (71,64 MB)

DXF (57,23 MB)

Lightwave 6.5 and above (65,01 MB)

Maya (version 4 and above) (125,44 MB)

OBJ (85,65 MB)

Softimage XSI (92,76 MB)

VRML (103,40 MB)

C4D Version R15 - R24 - exclusive download (75,59 MB)

DWG - exclusive download (65,37 MB)

DXF - exclusive download (59,24 MB)

FBX - exclusive download (77,63 MB)

IGES - exclusive download (227,01 MB)

IV Iris Inventor - exclusive download (121,24 MB)

Open Flight - exclusive download (215,94 MB)

Photoshop 3D - exclusive download (241,78 MB)

ProE SLP - exclusive download (140,95 MB)

Rhino 3DM - exclusive download (120,01 MB)

Universal 3D - exclusive download (142,82 MB)


Craftsmen, tools, gardening, screws, nails, hardware, cleaning, equipment, household, items, adjustable, spanner, axe, ball, pen, hammer, bevel, square, billhook, blowtorch, bricklayer's, broom, brush, paintbrush, bucket, caulking, gun, chalk, line, clamp, combination, compass, saw, container, coping, file, crowbar, digging, fork, draw, hoe, dustpan, expansion, bolt, flare, nut, garden, shears, trowel, g- hacksaw, hand, hoe, inspection, light, joint, filler, lawn, edger, lopping shear, mallet, map, multipurpose, nails, nailset, nozzle, cleaner, open-ended, open, roller, tray, pike, pincers, pipe, wrench, platform, ladder, plumbers, snake, plumbing, wrench, plunger, rake, ring, scouring, pad, scraper, screw, screwdriver, scuffle, hoe, setsquare, sett, shovel, sickle, small, cultivator, sockets, solder, soldering, iron, spade, spirit, level, square, trowel, stepladder, stepstool, tape, measure, tape, test, toolbox, tree, pruner, trowel, vice, washers, water, pump, pliers, weeder, weeding, hoe, welding, wing, wire, ouvrier, artisan, dispositif, outil, jardinage, vissage, quincaillerie, appareil, nettoyer, appareil, ménager, clé, molette, clef, vis, anglaise, hache, cognée, marteau, faux, serpe, lampe, souder, balai, brosse, seau, aplomb, clochette, polygonale, scie, guichet, poubelle, seau, conteneur, découper, pied-de-biche, pince-monseigneur, bêchoir, balayette, pale, cheville, expansion, sécateur, serre-joint, archet, queue-de-renard, égoïne, bêchoir, baladeuse, universelle, tenailles, serre-tubes, escabeau, râteau, polygonale, éponge, couteau, enduire, filière, tournevis, cruciforme, goniomètre, burin, faucille, rochet, étain, soudure, fer, bêche, niveau, bulle, d'air, truelle, décamètre, ruban, caisse, outils, louche, truelle, rondelle, lime, écrou, oreilles, écrou, papillon, manchon, support, câble, artigiano, artefice, attrezzo, lavoro, attrezzatura, attrezzo, giardinaggio, bullone, chiodo, ferrame, chiave, inglese, ascia, martello, falcetto, lampada, saldare, martello, piastrellista, muratore, ramazza, pennello, secchia, appiombo, fascetta, dadi, anello, sega, coda, secchio, spazzatura, secchiello, archetto, traforo, piede, porco, zappa, granatino, paletta, serrucho, calar, rastrello, thread3D, model, 3d model, 3D scene, 3 d model, buy 3d model, modell, object, objekt, asset, mesh, objet, models, scene, electronic, electronic appliances,
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