DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: Urban Features

Product-Code: DVI-UF

300 cut-outs for urban settings, street scenes, courtyards, parking lots.


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The product DOSCH Viz-Images: Urban Features contains 300 2D-images which include the alpha-channel for perfect and easy cut-outs. The product includes anything that can be seen in an urban setting, street scene, courtyard, parking lot - like for example park benches, hydrants, street lamps, mailboxes and many more. See PDF-Overview link above for complete content.


The images are provided in the TIF (uncompressed), PSD (Photoshop) and JPEG formats. The Alpha-Channel allows fast and convenient use of Viz-Images in most CAD-, 3D-Design and image-processing programs.


As usual with DOSCH DESIGN products all DOSCH VizImages are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.



JPG (393,69 MB)

PSD (Photoshop) (1.196,36 MB)

TIF (1.130,62 MB)


VizImages, Water donor, air/water, bank, park bank, stone bank, wood bank, metal bank, bicycle stand, book return, brick, heap of brick, bus stop, bus stop, stop, warning, danger warning, shut-off position, waste, wastebasket, ashtray, clock, building site character, building site, building site shut-off position, traffic light, pedestrian traffic light, container, waste container, fuse box, exit, reference exit, fire-hydrant, water fire-hydrant, vase, flower pot, flower bank, jumping well, well, Fontaine, gas station, gas station, gasoline gas station, gasoline pump, heater, information, info., lamp, lantern, lighting, mail box, post office, post office box, signs, paper donor, expenditure for ticket, bookstall, news rack, barrier, retaining barrier, entry, parking meter, planting excavator bucket, planting tank, toilet, toilet little house, electrical line, figure, plastics, figures, table and bank, group of seats, lay-by, telephone, public telephone, telephone box, waste ton, rain barrel, roll container, special refuse box, cabinet, beverage dispenser, beverage donor, lamppost, cut-out, cut out, freigestellt, alpha channel, clipping pathpeople, humans, cut-out, cutout, silhouette, billboard, shape, sprite, image, photo, ausgeschnitten, cutout, cut out, buy, 2Darchitecture, design, urban, studies, planning, landscape, architectural, elements, building, bâtiment, fournitures, matériaux, visualisation, architectes, urbanistes, ingénieurs, circulation, routière, planification, paysage, conception, architettura, edilizia, elemento, costruttivo, prefabbricato, componente, visualizzazione, architetto, progettare, costruire, edificare, arquitectura, ramo, construcción, components, embandados, visualización, arquitecto, construer, edificar, ordenación, paisajística, arquitecto, paisajes, عمارة, معماری, Argitektuur, Архітэктура, Ehitüskunst, Byggingarlist, Mimarlık, 建筑, Kiàn-tio̍k, Kiến trúc
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