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DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: People - Workwear

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170 images.


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The clip-maps are perfect "cut-outs", i.e. blend into their respective background and surrounding beautifully and naturally - they become part of the overall scene and don't look artificial or super-imposed. The high-resolution images have a size of around 2000 x 4000 pixel per person.


Each picture comes with the matching alpha-channel. As usual with Dosch Design products all Dosch Viz-Images are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge. 

All images are provided in the popular TIF format (uncompressed), as well as JPG and PSD (Photoshop).





JPG (273,69 MB)

PSD (Photoshop) (861,47 MB)

TIF (824,07 MB)


workwear garment, people, person, businessman, businesswoman, woman in business suit, woman wearing a suit, woman donning a suit, business executive, successful, doctor, physician, anesthesiologist, operating doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, broker, stockbroker, nurse, nurses, medical laboratory scientist, MLS, medical technologist, a clinical scientist, clinical laboratory technologist, teacher, priest, pastor, vicar, deacon, preacher, overall, white coat, ward coat, OP-clothing, surgical gowns and drapes, OR masks, face shields, scrubs, shoe and boot covers, surgical caps, coveralls, jumpsuits, sleeves, protective attire, protective clothing, surgical team, medical intern, operating gown, tunics, perform operation, surgery, isolation ward, black trousers, black jacket, white coat, suspender, pair of braces, grey skirt, pumps, grey suit, briefcase, documents, stethoscope, cell phone, mobile, greeting, showing, viewing radiograph, performing surgery, examining, bargaining, negotiating, rejoicing, celebrating, bleu de travail, tenue de travail, vêtements de travail, gens, homme, femme, gens d'affaires, femme d'affaires, commerçant, commerçante, médecin, docteur, omnipraticien, praticien, généraliste, clinicien, médecin lieutenant, médecin en chef, médecin-chef, interne, spécialiste, dentiste, vétérinaire, médecin de famille, docteur, chirurgien, anesthésiste, gynécologue, personnel sanitaire, personnel soignant, infirmière, pharmacien, pharmacienne, apothicaire, apothicairesse, laborantin, curé, pasteur, clerc, agent d'affaires, courtier, courtière, agent immobilier, protection de la bouche, Tunique Homme, vêtement protecteur, bretelles, costume, complet, jupe, escarpin, serviette, sac à main, stéthoscope, portable, livre de prières, saluer, montrer, regardant, radiographie, opérer qn., officier, dire une prière, prêcher, abbigliamento da lavoro, tuta, persone, gente, donna, uomo, uomo d'affari, donna d'affari, medico, dottore, medico capo, medico primario, primario, primaria, infermiera di reparto, caposala, assistente ospedaliero, aiuto medico, medico specialistico, medico specialista, dentista, odontoiatra, veterinario, veterinaria, medico di famiglia, medico di base, operatore, operatrice, chirurgo, chirurga, cardiologo, cardiologa, paramedici, personale paramedico, farmacista, assistente di laboratorio, reverendo, curato, parroco, agente di borsa, agente di cambio, agente immobiliare, indumenti di protezione, abito da uomo, completo, cappotto, camicia, bretella, cartella, borsetta, documentazione, esposto, stetoscopio, telefonino, libro di preghiere, bibbia, dare il benvenuto, salutare, mostrare, radiografia, operare, esaminare, trattare, gioire, festeggiare, predicare, ropa de trabajo, ropa laboral, ropa profesional, gente, mujer, hombre, hombre de negocios, negociante, negociante, médico, médica, doctor, doctora, médico adjunto, médico jefe, médico ayudante, médico interno, especialista, especialista, médico dentista, odontólogo, odontóloga, veterinario, veterinaria, médico de cabecera, médico de familia, cirujano, cirujana, operador, operadora, médico anestesista, ginecólogo, ginecóloga, cardiólogo, cardióloga, considérerpeople, humans, cut-out, cutout, silhouette, billboard, shape, sprite, image, photo, ausgeschnitten, cutout, cut out, buy, 2Dpeople, humans, persons, men, beings, women, females, entourage, gens, personne, individu, homme, femme, gent, masculine, féminine, persona, individuo, gente, mujer, hombre, persone, umani, donna, femmina, mens, Menneske, Ihminen, Minske, Maður, Mirov, Inemine, Insaan, Čovjek, إنسان, Bniedem, İnsan, Чалавек разумны, འགྲོ་བ་མི།, minsk, , Mënsch,

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