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DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: People - Job Poses
Product-Code: DVI-PJP


USD 89.00
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Content overview

The product DOSCH Viz-Images: People - Job Poses contains 1700 images which include the alpha-channel for perfect and easy cut-outs.

The images are provided in the PSD (Photoshop) format. Most images have a resolution of minimum 1600 pixel in the height.

Contained are 70 people with typical job relevant clothing and in different poses. Each person is rendered from 24 views - so any perspective from the side view, to isometric or bird's eye view is possible.

As usual with DOSCH DESIGN products all Dosch Viz-Images are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.


Download Product includes the formats:

PSD (Photoshop) (870,44 MB)

Keywords Keywords: Protective, clothing, biochemical, worker, craftsman, carpenter, plumber, builder, mechanic, cook, bakery, physician, doctor, orderly, hospital, nurse, fire, fighter, fireman, fisherman, nurse, policeman, guard, police, woman, flic, copper, bluecoat, teacher, professor, waitress, soldier, mobile, employment, command, special, troop, painter, master, house, glasses, military, army, vétérinaire, menuisier, plombier, mécanicien, dentiste, docteur, pharmacienne, l'infirmière, pêcheur, marin, pompier, l'institutrice, facteur, conducteur, chef, serveuse, peintre, l'architecte, l'avocat, carpintero, electricista, fontanero, albanil, jardinero, mecánico, barbero, dentista, médcio, enfermera, veterinaria, pescador, policía, bombero, abogado, arquitecto, falename, l'ettricista, l'idraulico, muratore, meccanico, poliziotto, vigile, fuoco, guardía, sicurezza, l'infermiera, uniformi, blu, polisipeople, humans, cut-out, cutout, silhouette, billboard, shape, sprite, image, photo, ausgeschnitten, cutout, cut out, buy, 2Dpeople, humans, persons, men, beings, women, females, entourage, gens, personne, individu, homme, femme, gent masculine, féminine, persona, individuo, gente, mujer, hombre, persone, umani, donna, femmina, mens, Menneske, Ihminen, Minske, Maður, Mirov, Inemine, Insaan, Čovjek, إنسان, Bniedem, İnsan, Чалавек разумны, འགྲོ་བ་མི།, minsk, , Mënsch,