DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: Bird's Eye People - Outdoor

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150 people viewed from above.


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150 clip-maps are perfect "cut-outs" of people seen from an elevated (lower angle) position and also a bird's eye (top-down) view. Activities of the male & female people are waiting, travelling, lap-top work. Some lend themselves for business settings, some for private life situations. The high-resolution images have a size of around 2000 x 2000 pixel per person.



Each picture comes with the matching alpha-channel. As usual with Dosch Design products all Dosch Viz-Images are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.


All images are provided in the popular TIF format (uncompressed), as well as JPG and PSD (Photoshop).

The following formats are not included in the shipping version (DVD) of the product: PNG


JPG (264,30 MB)

PSD (Photoshop) (884,15 MB)

TIF (783,01 MB)

PNG - exclusive download (623,43 MB)


man, woman, traveler, student, senior, boy, girl, red, brown, hair, black, leather, jacket, hat, scarf, sweater, cap, jacket, coat, Hot, clothing, down jacket, down waistcoat, skirt, jeans, dress, shopping, cart, trolley, laptop, wristwatch, plastic, bag, shoulder, backpack, map, stick, basket vegetables, salad, shopping, briefcase, bottle, drink, headphones, bouquet, amaryllis, camera, flowerpot, umbrellas, guitar, case, cellphone, calling, standing, drawing, vacationing, greeting, shaking, hands, listening, drinking, sleeping, lying, resting, playing, listening, reading, bouncing, photographing, studying, homme, femme, voyageur, étudiant, garçon, fille, rouge, brun, cheveux, noir, veste, cuir, chapeau, écharpe, chandail, manteau, pourpre, pull-over, l'hiver, chaud, vêtements, matelassée, jupe, robe, chariot, caddie, panier, ordinateur, portable, montre-bracelet, plastique, sac, bandoulière, dos, carte, bâton, panier, marchette, légumes, salades, achats, porte-documents, bouteille, boisson, écouteurs, bouquet, appareil, photo, pot, fleurs, parapluie, étui, guitare, téléphone, cellulaire, appelant, debout, dessin, salutation main, serre, écrire, reposer, regarder, onduler, rebondir, photographier, étudier, lire, assis, attendant, musique, écouter, boire, mensonge, dormir, jouer, uomo, donna, viaggiatore, studente, anziano, ragazzo, ragazza, ragazzo, rosso, marrone, capelli, nero, giacca, pelle, cappello, sciarpa, maglione, giacca, cappotto, viola, maglione, inverno, caldo, abbigliamento, piumino, giù, gilet, gonna, vestito, spesa, carrello, carrello, portatile, orologio, polso, sacchetto, plastica, borsa, tracolla, zaino, zaino, mappa, bastone, cesto, verdure, insalate, valigette, bottiglia, bere, cuffie, bouquet, macchina, fotografica, vaso, fiori, ombrelli, custodia, chitarra, cellulare, chiamando, piedi, disegno, saluto, stringendo, mano, scrivere, riposare, guardando, agitando, rimbalzando, fotografare, studiare, leggere, seduta, attesa, musica, ascoltare, bere, corso, portata, menzogna, riposo, dormire, giocare, hombre, mujer, viajero, estudiante, mayor, niño, niño, rojo, marrón, pelo, negro, chaqueta, cuero, sombrero, bufanda, suéter, gorro, campera, capa, púrpura, chaqueta, suéter, invierno, caliente, prendas, vestir, acolchada, abajo, chaleco, falda, pantalones vaqueros, vestido, carro, compras, carrito, ordenador, portátil, reloj, pulsera, bolsa, plástico, bolso, hombro, morral, mochila, mapa, palillo, cesta, verduras, ensaladas, maletines, botella, bebida, auriculares, ramo, cámara, maceta, paraguas, caja, guitarra, teléfono, celular, llamando, pie, dibujo, saludo, mano, temblando, escribir, escritura, apoyando, mirando, agitar, despedir, fotografiar, estudiar, leer, sentarse, esperando, música, escuchar, beber, alcance, tendido, descansando, durmiendo, jugando, people, staffage, figures, trees, plants, silhouettes, billboard, image, photos, cut-out, 2D, personnes, décors, personnages, arbres, plantes, découpées, détourées, persone, personale, alberi, piante, cartellone, immagine, foto, ritaglio, personas, figuras, árboles, plantas, siluetas, cartelera, imagen, fotos, recorte, mensen, personeel, cijfers, bomen, planten, silhouetten, beeld
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