DOSCH Textures: Texture Aging Kit

Product-Code: DT-TA

300 aging texture-layers for more surfaces.


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With the Texture Aging Kit users will find animation tasks involving aged looks easier and less time-consuming. The 300 texture-aging layers can be added and mixed with any textures the user is already working with, thereby expanding creative & artistic options.


The TAK enables the avid and occasional user of a broad range of animation software platforms to take surfaces and objects that look too clean and pristine (i.e. rather unrealistic) and add a touch of reality by giving them an appearance of "having faced wind and rain", of "having been bleached by the sun" etc. Shiny metals can be made looking rusty and corroded, paint can receive a cracked or peeling look, stone and concrete can be aged with moisture stains, moldy deposit, moss growth etc.


The high-resolution multi-layer textures include all relevant shader-maps for the material properties like the color-map, bump-map and specularity-map. They render surfaces with a very realistic appearance & look.


All textures are seamlessly-tileable!

It is especially because of the high resolution (at least 1024x1024 up to 2048x2048 pixel) and the inherent high degree of detail, that these textures are "a must" for any serious 3D-designer. All textures can directly be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications. Please check out the compatibility list on each product page, which will provide a complete list of software packages which the respective Dosch Product is compatible with.
The textures are provided in the JPEG-format with the highest quality-settings.

As with all Dosch textures, these, too are license-free and can therefore be used without any additional cost in all* commercial productions. (* view License Agreement)

Don't forget to check out the free DT: TAK tutorial for helpful explanations & tips regarding this product, plus our general Dosch Textures tutorial. All types of Dosch Tutorials can be found here.


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