DOSCH Textures: Sources - Male 06

Product-Code: DT-SMA06

Image sources for character design.


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Dosch Textures: Sources - Male 06 contains over 500 pictures in extremely high resolution.

Use these professional, 100% real pictures of a male model in order to create textures for your very individual 3D-characters.
The reference pictures are also suited for visualizations of medical and cosmetic projects.

The pictures are provided in a 7216 x 5412 pixel resolution. The image format is JPEG with highest quality-settings.
All pictures can be used royalty-free within the terms of the DOSCH DESIGN license agreement.

Disclaimer: This product contains partial nudity.


JPG (15.181,99 MB)


man, Young, african descent, African American, shaved head, completely bald, Brown eyes, dark Skin, muscular build, African Ethnicity, toothy smile, Body conscious, shirtless, Body Conscious, semi nude, male personal Hygiene, side view, adult, Fitness centre, facial Expression, serious gaze, Hands outstretched, clenched fists, Jeune homme, ascendance africaine, afro-américain, tête rasée, complètement chauve, yeux marron, peau foncée, musclé, sourire denté, consciencieux pour le corps, sans chemise, conscient, semi-nu, personnel Hygiène, vue de côté, Centre de remise en forme, expression faciale, regard sérieux, mains tendues, poings serrés, Giovane uomo, africana discesa, afro-americano, testa rasata, completamente calvo, occhi marroni, scuro pelle, costruzione muscolare, africano, sorriso dentellare, corpo cosciente, senza camicia, cosciente del corpo, semi nudo, Centro fitness, espressione del viso, sguardo serio, mani strette, pugni stretti, Joven, descalzo africano, afroamericano, cabeza afeitada, completamente calvo, ojos marrones, oscuro Piel, musculoso, de origen africano, sonrisa, Cuerpo consciente, sin camisa, semi desnudo, masculino higiene, Gimnasio, expresión facial, mirada seria, manos extendidas, puños cerrados, ovjek, Maðurtextures, material, 2D, surfaces, pattern, seamless, tileable, material, matériel, superficie, parangon, sans Couture, struttura, tessuto, superficie, disegno, senza cucitura, surface, materialshumans, gente, humano, gens, homme, humain, Mens, menslike wese, Čovjek, Menneske, Menniskjað, Inemine, insaan, minsk, Maður, Minske, Čovjek, Mennesket, Człowiek rozumny, İnsan,
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