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DOSCH Textures: Sources - Female 01

Product-Code: DT-SFE01

Image sources for character design.


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Dosch Textures: Sources - Female 01 contains over 200 pictures in extremely high resolution.

Use these professional, 100% real pictures of a female model in order to create textures for your very individual 3D-characters.
The reference pictures are also suited for visualizations of medical and cosmetic projects.

The pictures are provided in a 7216 x 5412 pixel resolution. The image format is JPEG with highest quality-settings.
All pictures can be used royalty-free within the terms of the DOSCH DESIGN license agreement.

This cut-out (actual/full size) was taken from the image above:

The PDF-overview (see link above) shows samples of all pictures contained in the product.

Additional detail samples:



Disclaimer: This product contains partial nudity.


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