DOSCH Textures: Floor Pro

Product-Code: DT-FP

Contains 140 detailed floor-textures for professional visualization of large floor areas.


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Dosch Textures: Floor Pro contains 140 detailed floor-textures for professional visualization of large floor areas.

Provided are realistic depictions of wood, parquet, laminate, marble- and granite floors, as well as natural stone, cobblestone, weathered and aged floor materials, and brick - the latter can also be used vertically for large brick-wall areas.


The textures range in resolutions from 2048x2048 Pixel to 4096x4096 Pixel. Despite their remarkable size all textures are seamlessly tileable which allows for large area visualization without quality limitations.


As with all Dosch Textures, every Floor Pro texture comes with the appropriate bump-map for the depiction of material depth. The image-format is JPEG at its highest quality level (lowest compression). This makes the textures usable in almost every 3D-design and CAD-application in the market.

This product is a 'basic necessity' for architects and visualization specialists.


The product is license-free, i.e. the buyer can use the textures repeatedly & without any additional cost in all* commercial productions for as long as he/she wishes.
(* view License Agreement)

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