DOSCH Textures: Character Designer V2

Product-Code: DT-CDV2

Create those indispensable details which make 3D-characters look absolutely realistic and believable.


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With the texture elements provided by Dosch Textures: Character Designer V2 you are able to create the indispensable details which make 3D-characters look absolutely realistic and believable.

Any 3D-figures can be aged and unique features added. The end results are believable, almost lifelike virtual characters created with amazingly little effort and time expense.


Version 2 of the products provides many new elements- and now includes the products Dosch Textures: Human Eyes and Dosch Textures: Animal & Creature Eyes.

You are able to use the texture elements to create your unique characters. This product gives you a completely new dimension of creative freedom - and will stay a powerful resource for all your character needs for a long time. It does not matter if you want to create a lifelike human character or an alien that comes directly out of your phantasy - you will have the right elements to breath life into your characters.


The elements contain the following items: chin pores, eyelid, eye tissues, fingerprint, foreheads, lips, muscles, skin for the neck, noses, scars, skin pores, scratches, wounds and many more.


The elements are provided as Photoshop (PSD)-files - and the eye textures are provided as JPEG images. That means you are able to create your texture- and bump-maps for any 3D-application.


All Character Designer elements are useable royalty-free for any commercial production.

To learn how to use this product and its unique features, please check out the free tutorial by Bill Fleming in our Information section. There you find helpful explanations & tips regarding this product.


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