KeyShot: KeyShot Network Rendering 64 Cores

Product-Code: KS-KSNETW64

Render on your network

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KeyShot Network Rendering - 64 cores
(1 year)


Render on your network
KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to connect multiple computer systems on a network and leverage all your hardware to significantly and easily increase your rendering capacity and output. The power of KeyShot Network Rendering is that you can further refine your design, add variations, and submit additional jobs to fully offload your visualization to the network.


How it works

KeyShot Network Rendering consists of three roles: Clients, Managers and Workers. The KeyShot Client application communicates internally with the manager service and assigns job tasks to available workers. The manager can have both CPU and GPU workers connected and assigns the tasks of a CPU or GPU render job based on client application demand.

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