DOSCH 3D: Cars 2011 V1.1 for AutoCAD and Revit

Product-Code: D3D-CA2011AR

16 detailed 3D-models of cars directly for AutoCAD and Revit.


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EUR 116.00

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16 very detailed and completely textured 3D-models of highly realistic cars for the direct use in Autodesk® AutoCAD and Autodesk® Revit.

The 3D-models are a perfect solution for architectural visualizations, simulations and renderings.

The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: AutoCAD DWS, DGT, DWT, Revit RTE, RVT, DWG, DXF.

Screenshot Autodesk Revit

Screenshot Autodesk AutoCAD

Since Dosch Design does not (cannot) know how the buyer will use/change the 3D models/objects of trademarked products, we advise the buyer/user of the models/objects to contact the car manufacturer prior (!) to the publication of the new 3D-designs, and verify that the -intended- final design product is in compliance with the legal use of the protected image/trademark.



Autocad DWG (723,10 MB)

Autocad DWS (576,38 MB)

Autocad DWT (576,38 MB)

DWG (484,65 MB)

DXF (520,80 MB)

Revit RTE (656,57 MB)

Revit RVT (931,33 MB)

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