DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: Tropical Plants & Trees
Product-Code: DVI-TPT


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Content overview

The product DOSCH Viz-Images: Tropical Plants & Trees contains 100 images which include the alpha-channel for perfect and easy cut-outs.

The images are provided in the TIF, PSD and JPEG formats. Most images have a resolution of minimum 2000 pixel.

As a bonus, the product contains 24 depictions of bird's eye palm trees, which can be used for architectural plans or maps.

As usual with DOSCH DESIGN products all DOSCH VizImages are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.


Download Product includes the formats:

JPG (248,11 MB)

PNG (405,42 MB)

PSD (Photoshop) (509,27 MB)

TIF (528,26 MB)

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