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DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: Moving People - Urban
Product-Code: DVI-MP-URB


USD 89.00
EUR 69.00

Content overview

The 20 clip-map sequenzes are perfect "cut-outs". The high-resolution image-sequences have a size of around 800 x 1200 pixel per person. Each clip has a duration of more than 700 frames.


Each image sequence comes with the matching alpha-channel. As usual with Dosch Design products all Dosch Viz-Images are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial animations and films at no extra charge.


Sample sequenze from the product Moving People: Travel

This sample sequenze is only  a short excerpt (100 Frames) of the
original image-sequenze.

Download Product includes the formats:

Download-Product (3.068,04 MB)

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