DOSCH Textures: Roof Tiles V1.1
Product-Code: DT-ROOTIL


USD 89.00
EUR 69.00

Content overview

The product Dosch Textures: Roof Tiles contains 60 high resolution, seamless tileable textures.


These high resolution multi-layer textures include the color-map, bump-map, displacement-map, specular-map, normal-map and diffuse-map.

All textures are provided in a high resolution (2048 x 2048 pixel) in the JPEG-format (with highest quality settings) - and can therefore be used in professional architectural visualizations. Please use the PDF overview (see above) for a detailed content listing.


Here you can directly download a free sample of the product.

Download Product includes the formats:

JPG (1.874,70 MB)

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