DOSCH 3D: Radioactive Barrels
Product-Code: DSO-RADIOBAR


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The product DOSCH Single 3D Objects: Atomic Barrels contains a very detailed and fully textured 3D-model of radioactive barrels.




The completely textured 3D-model is provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 9 and above), 3dsmax V9 & VRay, 3dsmax V9 & Mental Ray, Lightwave (version 6 and above), OBJ, Maya (version 4 and above), VRML, SoftimageXSI, Cinema 4D version 8 and above, DWG and DXF, Universal D, Artlantis, Autocad, FBX, Luxology Modo (LXO), Revit


Download Product includes the formats:

3DS (0,13 MB)

3ds max (version 9 and above) (0,39 MB)

3dsmax V9 +MentalRay (0,39 MB)

3dsmax V9 +VRay (0,39 MB)

Artlantis (0,40 MB)

Autocad (0,61 MB)

C4D Version V9 and above (0,15 MB)

DWG (0,50 MB)

DXF (0,21 MB)

FBX (0,20 MB)

Lightwave 6.5 and above (0,16 MB)

Modo (LXO) (0,22 MB)

OBJ (0,23 MB)

Revit Autodesk (4,09 MB)

Softimage XSI (0,28 MB)

Universal 3D (0,21 MB)

VRML (0,28 MB)

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