DOSCH 3D: Logo Animations for Lightwave3D
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Content overview

25 logo animations of cutting-edge design and quality. Just like what you see on major TV-networks, movie presentations and professional DVD selection menus ...

All scenes look crisp & stylish, are optimized for the use in Lightwave3D, and include all relevant textures. Define the resolution of the finished animations according to your personal preference/need (PAL or NTSC video, DVD, Internet, business graphics ... or the higher movie resolution.

You are able to adjust the animations for your specific needs: change colors, add or remove objects (text or graphic), change lighting, or create a new camera path. This means you can use the logo animations either “out of the box” or simply as a starting point for your own eye-catching, unique creations.

The logo-animations perfected in Lightwave3D can then be processed/used further in other programs like Adobe After Effects, Premiere etc.

The animated scenes are provided in the Lightwave3D (.LWO & .LWS) format. They are compatible with Lightwave version 6.5 and above.

All scenes are license-free and can therefore be used in commercial productions without any further cost.

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