DOSCH 3D: Logo Animations for 3ds max
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Content overview

25 logo animations of cutting-edge design and quality. Perfectly to create animations for TV, video, DVD menus and company presentations.
You can replace the standard logo in the 3ds max scene with your own unique text/logo in order to easily create your own logo animation.

All scenes look crisp & stylish, are optimized for the use in 3ds max, and include all relevant textures. Because the animations are provided as fully editable scenes, you are able to adjust the output resolution in which you render for your individual needs. It does not matter if you create renderings for the internet, video (pal or ntsc), DVD, business presentations or the higher cinema resolution.

You are able to adjust the animations for your specific needs: change colors, add or remove objects (text or graphic), change lighting, or create a new camera path. This means you can use the logo animations either "out of the box" or simply as a starting point for your own eye-catching, unique creations.

The animated scenes are provided in the 3ds max (.max) format. They are compatible with 3ds max version 4 and above.

All animation scenes are license-free and can therefore be used without any additional cost in commercial productions,


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