DOSCH 3D: Airplane Concepts
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Content overview

20 very detailed and completely textured 3D-models of highly realistic non-branded airplanes. For most planes, two versions are provided: one with pulled in undercarriage - and one with reeled-out undercarriage.


The product includes all major airplane types.


These 3D-models of generic airplane models are an ideal solution for visualizations, simulations and renderings, while avoiding copyright implications and related cost.


The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 8 and above), Lightwave (version 7 and above), OBJ, Maya (version 4 and above), VRML, SoftimageXSI and Cinema 4D (version 8 and above).


Download Product includes the formats:

3DS (97,78 MB)

3ds max (version 8 and above) (122,85 MB)

C4D Version V8 and above (120,01 MB)

Lightwave 6.5 and above (151,40 MB)

Maya (version 4 and above) (190,02 MB)

OBJ (142,95 MB)

VRML (156,60 MB)

DWG - exclusive download (64,13 MB)

DXF - exclusive download (68,55 MB)

IGES - exclusive download (238,47 MB)

IV Iris Inventor - exclusive download (155,64 MB)

Open Flight - exclusive download (311,00 MB)

ProE SLP - exclusive download (135,64 MB)

Rhino 3DM - exclusive download (46,86 MB)

Universal 3D - exclusive download (324,95 MB)

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The following formats are not included in the shipping version (CD/DVD) of the product: DWG, DXF, IGES, IV Iris Inventor, Open Flight, ProE SLP, Rhino 3DM, Universal 3D