3D for Logistics, Transport & Warehousing

In logistics, the transport of goods and warehousing, the coordination of processes is a decisive factor for the success of a company. These must be visualized and clearly documented. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly being used here for training purposes or process optimization.

DOSCH DESIGN offers a comprehensive product range for this area with high-quality 3D models and 3D scenes, which are used directly for visualizations and simulations.

In our online shop you will find 3D models of transport vehicles, goods, packaging, pallets, containers, storage furniture, virtual operators - but also entire 3D warehouses and factory buildings are available.

Appropriately, the vehicles are offered to transport goods over greater distances directly as a 3D model: trucks, trains, ships, vans or aircraft.

The portfolio completes important 3D models of buildings such as airports, ship containers, terminals, railway stations and commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories and retail buildings.


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