Aqua Nostra

DOSCH DESIGN supports students of HDM Stuttgart with their animated film Aqua Nostra

A team of students from the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart has chosen a hot environmental topic for their animated film Aqua Nostra - the development of the relationship between man and water. We are very happy to support this project with 3D models and HDRIs and are impressed about the result.

About the Film:

Water - an element we take for granted. Who ever thinks about how often you flush the toilet or how long you leave the tap running? Though, was and is exactly this element responsible for giant leaps in the evolution of mankind. But modern man reckons that he does not rely on water. We are so advanced that we think we can misuse our water by throwing 24 million tons of plastic waste into the ocean every year. Thus, we are not just destroying the habitat of million sea animals but also OUR water. We seem to be forgetting that our body consists of 70% water and that it will die without drinking any for 3-4 days. Only 2.6% of all water on earth is freshwater and 0.5% is actually available, withdrawable from groundwater and rivers. The rest is frozen in glaciers. Suitable for drinking water is even only 0.0014%. A number not big enough to behave as wasteful as we are right now!
That is what we strikingly want to visualize for the audience to show them the consequences of sustained lavish wastage. Because: Water does not regrow! If we keep spending 263% of the water we can use sustainably per year it will not take long for a worldwide water deficiency to arise.

The Team:

Diana Gladenick, Sarah Indolfo, David Krepelka, Fabian Peitzsch, Asha-Larissa Prosi, Diana Carolina Rojas Martinez, Nils Weisbrod
Sound: David Hetz, Music: Maja Merz

Further information:

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