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DOSCH 2D Viz-Images: Viz-Images Complete 21 - (2016)
Product-Code: DVI-Comp21-2016


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Content overview

The bundle contains 21 Dosch Viz-Images products for architectural visualization.

This bundle contains the following products:
Bird's Eye - Plants
600 depictions of plants from bird's eye view.

Bird's Eye - Trees
170 trees from bird's eye view.

Bird's Eye People - Outdoor
150 people viewed from above.

Concept Cars 2016
376 depictions of cars.

Forest Trees
100 cut-outs of trees.

Indoor Plants
350 depictions of plants for interiors.

632 images of furniture and interior accessoires.

Modern Garden Furniture
1000 depictions of modern garden furniture.

People - At Home
150 people for privately owned homes. Plus 50 depictions of dogs.

People - Best Agers - Business
150 middle-aged people.

People - Exhibition
150 people fpr trade-shows, exhibitions and presentations.

People - Family
150 people for privately owned homes.

People - International Travel
300 cut-out images for airports, railway stations and other international locations.

People - On The Move
150 running and walking people.

People - School
150 people for schools, universities.

People - Seniors
150 images.

People - Shopping Mall
150 people for shopping environments.

People - Urban
150 people for urban visualizations.

People - Work
150 people at work.

466 depictions of plants.

Trees V3
200 images of trees.

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