DOSCH Textures: Construction Materials V2
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Content overview

DT: Construction Materials V2 provides 250 high resolution, seamless tileable textures which can be applied to 3D-models spanning a multitude of themes, or used in many computer graphics software packages (incl. Photoshop).



These high resolution textures which include the bump maps for the depth of the material can be used for architectural renderings, animations, game-design and any other computer graphics artwork.



The multi-layer textures can readily be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications.



All textures are provided in a high resolution (up to 3200 x 3200 pixel) in the JPEG-format (with highest quality settings) - and can therefore be used in professional architectural visualizations. Please use the PDF overview (see above) for a detailed content listing.



The following thematics are included:
- roof: shingles and pantiles, thatched roof, standing seam
- facades: masonry, mineral facades, metal facades, wood facades, natural stone facades
- tiles
- exposed concrete
- plaster
- wallpaper structures
- floors: natural stone floor, tiled floors, wood floors, mineral floors, outdoor floors
- soldier courses for masonry
- metal structures




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