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DOSCH HDRI: HDRI Complete 12 - (2016)
Product-Code: DH-COMPL12-2016


USD 1092.00
EUR 908.00

Content overview

This bundle contains 12 Dosch HDRI products at an attractive special price.

This bundle contains the following products:
Car Backgrounds
28 HDR images for the visualization of vehicles.

Chrome & Studio Effects V2
200 HDRIs with spectacular reflection and lighting effects.

Country Roads
26 HDR images for the visualization of cars and other vehicles.

Industrial Reflections
60 HDR images of various technical reflection effects.

44 HDR images of interior scenes.

Mountain Backgrounds
33 HDR images.

Nature V2
71 HDRIs to create the look of realistic natural scenes.

Product Lighting
147 HDR images for lighting virtual objects.

Saltlake Backplates
15 backplate sets, including the respective HDRIs.

Skies V2
102 HDRI with various sky-moods for realistic outdoor 3D-scenes.

Studio Atmospheres
24 HDR images with photo studios.

31 HDR images.

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