DOSCH 3D: Product Visualization 11 - (2016)
Product-Code: D3D-PRODVIS11-20


USD 1077.00
EUR 871.00

Content overview

The bundle contains 11 Dosch Design products for product visualization.

This bundle contains the following products:
Background-Stages V2
3D Backgrounds for design, animation and product visualization.

Chrome & Studio Effects V2
200 HDRIs with spectacular reflection and lighting effects.

Industrial Design V3
High resolution texture layers for realistic looking industrial design.

Industrial Reflections
60 HDR images of various technical reflection effects.

Modern Furniture
100 detailed 3d-models of modern furniture and decorative elements.

Packaging Design V2
150 hires 3D-models for packaging and product design.

Product Environments
16 HDRIs for product visualizations - plus the matching backplates.

Product Lighting
147 HDR images for lighting virtual objects.

Product Packaging
100 detailed 3D-models of retail packaging.

Product Presentation Sets
100 amazing, fully textured 3D-scenes.

Product Presentation Tracks
50 music tracks for product presentation.

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