DOSCH 3D: Packaging Design V2 for Keyshot
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Content overview

Dosch 3D: Packaging Design V2 for Keyshot contains 150 hires 3D-models for packaging and product design. The 3D-models are each fully textured, and all that needs to be done for a finished product design is to put the product label on the 3D-objects, or maybe to change colors.


The product saves substantial time with the presentation of many consumer products, food and beverage packaging, medical packaging, sales container for body lotion, shampoo etc., design prototypes and variations there of.

Whether it is the depiction of a finished product or a product in the development stage, intermediate or final steps of product promotion will be much less time-consuming with Dosch 3D: Packaging Design V2.

All 3D-models in Dosch 3D: Packaging Design V2 can of course be modified in many ways, and therefore be customized according to the specific needs and design details of the object/product at hand.

The 3D-models are provided in the Keyshot format.


Download Product includes the formats:

KeyShot (132,84 MB)

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