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DOSCH 3D: Lo-Poly Cars V1.2
Product-Code: DCAD-LPC


USD 199.00
EUR 149.00

Content overview

DOSCH 3D: Lo-Poly Cars contains 210 3D-models of cars (42 different cars - each in five colors). The 3D-models only use a low polygon count - so they can be used in mass-scenes and large architectural scenes.

Use them for architectural visualizations, animations or technical illustrations.


The polygon 3D-models are provided in the following file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 8 and above), DWG, DXF, OBJ, Rhino, Universal 3D, Lightwave 3D, Maya V4 and above, Cinema4D V7 and above, Softimage XSI, SketchUp and VRML.<



Since Dosch Design does not (cannot) know how the buyer will use/change the 3D models/objects of trademarked products we advise the buyer/user of D3D: Cars 2006 models/objects to contact the car manufacturer (DaimlerChrysler, VW etc.) prior (!) to the publication of the new 3D-designs, and verify that the -intended- final design product is in compliance with the legal use of the protected image/trademark.





Download Product includes the formats:

3DS (38,85 MB)

3ds max (version 8 and above) (100,96 MB)

3ds max (version 9 and above) (106,88 MB)

3dsmax V9 +MentalRay (107,85 MB)

C4D Version V7 and above (57,92 MB)

DWG (106,85 MB)

DXF (95,52 MB)

FBX (112,74 MB)

Lightwave 6.5 and above (44,72 MB)

Maya (version 4 and above) (107,16 MB)

Modo (LXO) (46,52 MB)

OBJ (78,54 MB)

Rhino 3DM (84,08 MB)

SketchUp (237,05 MB)

Softimage XSI (92,27 MB)

Universal 3D (98,27 MB)

VRML (95,58 MB)

Artlantis - exclusive download (121,92 MB)

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The following formats are not included in the shipping version (CD/DVD) of the product: Artlantis